Team Collaboration

You have full control on your Dedicated Team for your IT projects.

We Work Seamlessly With Your Software Development Team:

  • Icon Project Management:

    The customer team is responsible for project management, and providing tasks to the offshore dedicated team.

    The offshore project manager or project lead is responsible for team coordination.

    The offshore team would follow the software development process such as agile scrum, that is being followed by your team.

  • Icon German Language interaction:

    We have German speaking business analysts in the offshore team for project activities.

    The existing documentation in German is sufficient to understand project activities.

    Detailed specifications are not required. Through frequent meetings and interactions, we clarify all queries related to requirements, development, testing and issues.

  • Icon Data Security:

    Through VPN, our dedicated team gets the access to the development server only.

    The confidential customer data is not required for testing. We do not require access to Quality server or Production server.

    For our SAP projects, we are already working with customers in EU and USA through VPN access to their development servers.

  • Icon Collaboration:

    Video conferencing (through Skype, WebEx).

    Daily morning meetings.

    VPN to enable common file repository, code repository and server access.

  • Icon IP Protection:

    The India IT laws adhere to strict global IP protection and data security laws.

    Every team member signs a binding NDA (non disclosure agreement) to protect confidential data and intellectual property.

  • Icon Timezone:

    Our offshore development centre is located in Pune (India) which is 3.5 hours ahead of Germany. This time difference is easily managed by our offshore team.

  • Icon Travel:

    Our senior team members frequently travel to Germany for project purposes such as workshops, design discussions, production deployment and other activities in close cooperation with the customer team.

I congratulate all of you for doing a great work and fighting all the challenges on this journey. Job well done!
Senior Business Director, Pharmaceutical Major, USA
We are very satisfied about the cooperation and looking forward to new developments.
Director, Consulting Major, Netherlands
I have recently talked to the folks in Purchasing, and they all said that IT support has really gotten better. Thank you very much for your hard work in improving this.
IT Director, Polyester Film Major, USA
The feedback I got from our customer was really good. They like the solution and can't wait to see the full functionality productive.
General Manager, Instrumentation Major, Germany
Your team has provided Allergan with expert guidance in establishing best practices for SOA and NetWeaver. We are establishing enterprise-wide architecture standards based on this work.
Senior Manager, Pharma Major, USA
I reviewed the new Adobe application with the Plant Purchasing Managers. Overall, the team was very excited about the new tool. We are testing this tool.
Manager, Cement Major, Colombia
We are excited to receive the same quality and prompt support from you and your team for this project as we have been receiving in the past. Please tell the developers: Thank you for all their efforts.
Executive Director, Pharma Major, USA
This gave us a solution for the co-product production that we did not have before. The Quality module setup is now complete. This process will affect several departments on the processing, production, routings, material master setups, inspection types, etc.
IT Manager, Polymers Major, USA

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