Ruby on Rails Development

Your Dedicated Team for Development, Quality Assurance and Release Management.

Want to develop rich and interactive web applications and launch them faster? Ruby on Rails delivers! RoR is gaining immense popularity in today’s fast-paced web development industry that demands performance and aesthetics simultaneously. Passionate developers the world over are switching to Ruby on Rails to create amazing web experiences.

Zeteo offers full-range Ruby-on-Rails services. Whether web development or code audits, our talented coders help you accomplish your goals faster and better. All our solutions are feature-rich, sustainable and cater to numerous industry verticals.

Why Ruby on Rails

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    Accelerate Go from prototype to full launch within 6-7 weeks. That’s way faster than conventional web technologies and saves a ton of time.

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    Open-Source Get all the tools you need to create world-class web apps for FREE. Yes, open-source means you have horizon on your side.

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    Community Get help from the most vibrant developer community on the web. Consult with our experts and get exact solutions faster.

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    Efficient COC (Convention over Configuration) and DRY (Don't repeat yourself) gives it a lead over others in terms of coding efficiency.

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    Cloud-ready RoR is perfect to create high-performance cloud-ready apps. Get all the latest cloud features and web-oriented functionalities.

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    Affordable Low project development costs and easy maintenance are its hallmarks. And you won’t have to compromise quality at all.

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Quality Rich Solutions for Higher Business Productivity:

RoR is making great strides as the framework of choice for today's web development industry. Efficient, quick, easy on maintenance and low costs all come together in favor of Ruby on Rails.

Model View Controller architecture bring added advantage of separate coding layers. Scaling issues are a thing of the past with Ruby on Rails. Add powerful caching and message queuing systems and you have a programming platform that is far superior to its peers in every possible way.

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Zeteo Leads the RoR Charge

At Zeteo, we offer comprehensive Ruby on Rails development services. We consider Ruby on Rails as our expertise with solutions available for almost every industry vertical.

From simple enterprise applications to ecommerce stores, our RoR development services excel.


Zeteo's Ruby on Rails Development Services

  • Custom RoR Web Development
  • RoR Migration and Maintenance
  • Architecture Redesign & Porting
  • Application Development
  • Solve Security, Scalability and usability Issues
  • Rails e-Commerce Application Development
  • RoR Installation and Deployment
  • Ruby on Rails Testing Services
  • Layout Design using RoR
  • Support, Upgrade and Maintenance
  • CMS Development services
  • Ecommerce Application Development
  • Cloud Strategy and Enterprise Integration

Zeteo Consulting’s team of RoR developers delivers right solutions to meet your project’s requirements. Combining expertise and experience, we bring latest technologies to the table.

RoR tools make a huge difference in how your application with shape up eventually.

Our RoR developers are well versed in:

  • Ruby on Rails 2.3.12, 3.2 & Rails 4
  • SASS, HAML, MySQL, MongoDB
  • CoffeeScript, Websockets, Backbone.js
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, Github
  • JRuby, Heroku, Cucumber, Merb, RSpec, Rake
  • RadRails, Scite and Ultaedit editors
  • Capistrano Deployment
  • Git, SVN Client Tortoise SVN

Why Zeteo for Ruby on Rails development?

At Zeteo, we have mastered the Ruby on Rails as an art. Our specialty lies in creating dynamic Web 2.0 applications that are in sync with your brand’s core principles. When it comes to delivering tailored Ruby on Rails web development services, Zeteo Delivers.

Zeteo is a leading offshore Ruby on Rails Development company delivering end-to-end Ruby on Rails web development and other related services. We design, develop and deploy scalable solutions to get your project moving faster. Our Ruby app developers are committed to providing relevant quality rich solutions for sustainable results.

  • 24X7 Customer Support
  • Technical Expertise of RoR Developers
  • Affordable Prices
  • Freely Interact with Our Developer
I congratulate all of you for doing a great work and fighting all the challenges on this journey. Job well done!
Senior Business Director, Pharmaceutical Major, USA
We are very satisfied about the cooperation and looking forward to new developments.
Director, Consulting Major, Netherlands
I have recently talked to the folks in Purchasing, and they all said that IT support has really gotten better. Thank you very much for your hard work in improving this.
IT Director, Polyester Film Major, USA
The feedback I got from our customer was really good. They like the solution and can't wait to see the full functionality productive.
General Manager, Instrumentation Major, Germany
Your team has provided Allergan with expert guidance in establishing best practices for SOA and NetWeaver. We are establishing enterprise-wide architecture standards based on this work.
Senior Manager, Pharma Major, USA
I reviewed the new Adobe application with the Plant Purchasing Managers. Overall, the team was very excited about the new tool. We are testing this tool.
Manager, Cement Major, Colombia
We are excited to receive the same quality and prompt support from you and your team for this project as we have been receiving in the past. Please tell the developers: Thank you for all their efforts.
Executive Director, Pharma Major, USA
This gave us a solution for the co-product production that we did not have before. The Quality module setup is now complete. This process will affect several departments on the processing, production, routings, material master setups, inspection types, etc.
IT Manager, Polymers Major, USA

Ready to get great software that gets eagerly used?

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