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Online Shopping Analytics Software - USA

The company is a Silicon Valley Startup based in California founded by 3 experienced veterans in the industry. The company has developed the technology to extract all shopping related information (product purchases, services, airline tickets, hotels, event tickets, payments) from email inboxes at scale. The technology integrates 2,500+ retailers and support 50+ email providers.

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The technology integrates 2,500+ retailers and support 50+ email providers. The technology is being provided to online shoppers through their website/apps and indirectly through strategic partnerships.

Our team is supporting their core engineering team for product development, quality assurance and support for peak shopping season.

Our team is providing the developments to support the integrations with 2500+ retailers. Our team is conducting the development, bug fixing and continuous testing to ensure the retailer integration is working seamlessly.

Our testing team has created automated testing framework for continuous monitoring of the Production servers for all user interactions with the application.

Factory Automation Software Vendor - USA

Project: Migration of Microsoft .NET based product to SAP NetWeaver Java platform.

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The customer is a leading software provider for Factory automation, providing leading edge MES software for shop floor data acquisition, analysis and control in the Food, Beverage and Paper pulp industries.

  • Our team built a comprehensive Java based application to reimplement the features of their Microsoft .NET application
  • Implemented the factory automation and data visualization features on the SAP NetWeaver platform to enable a SAP compliant product offering.
  • The customer benefitted through rapid development of the Java based application to match their customer implementation targets.

Credit Rating Analysis Provider - USA

Project: Credit Rating and Collections Analysis Integration

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The customer is a leading Credit Rating and Analysis provider of statistical based predictive scoring metrics. Their analytical decision solutions are used across commercial trade, consumer collections, utilities, leasing, banking and debt buying. Its services are similar to D&B.

  • For their major SAP customers, the customer credit data is maintained in the Credit & Collections module.
  • The project objective was the integration and extraction of credit data from FSCM (Financial Supply Chain) and Credit & Collections modules.
  • Our team created developments to provide a rich application for exploring the relevant tables, data structures, selective extraction and mapping to the customer's product.

Software Scheduling Management Software - USA

Project: Background Job Scheduling Management for ERP

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The customer is a leading provider of scheduling software for managing the background job scheduling in enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, AS/400, J2EE, Mainframe and similar business applications.

Their software lacks capability to manage the background jobs in SAP ERP.

  • Our team has conducted the developments to allow the creation of background jobs, creation of sequential jobs, query job status, reschedule jobs, cancel jobs and other important capabilities.
  • Our team has provided a standards-based integration approach to expose the background jobs management APIs in the form of standards compliant web services.
  • Additionally, our team is working closely with the customer to successfully deploy their product at their customers.

Pharmaceutical Major - Switzerland / USA

Project: TIBCO infrastructure management and support

The customer is a leading Swiss headquartered pharmaceutical company. The company's services and products include active pharmaceutical ingredients, stem cell therapies, and microbial control solutions. It has more than 40 manufacturing and R&D facilities across the world, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

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The customer is running TIBCO suite of products for their EDI based business messages for order management, shipping, and receiving related processes.

  • Our team of TIBCO developers and administrators has been providing production support to the customer team.
  • Our team is monitoring TIBCO services, error logs, and ensuring the correct functioning of the infrastructure.
  • We are doing a daily health check of all TIBCO services in terms of the various diagnostic parameters, and proactively informing the customer team for possible issues.

Pharmaceuticals Major - USA

Project: Pricing and Contracts Management - BPM based Business Process Automation

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Customer is a Pharmaceuticals Major engaged in drug research and manufacturing with operations in 60 countries.

To support business growth, the customer has to streamline their drug pricing and contract management process.

Our team has used the BPM platform to implement the processes of price changes to NDCs in customer contracts, add NDCs to customer contracts, bulk changes to customer contracts (such as NDC conversion due to a new acquisition).

Key Objectives for the Business Process Automation project:

  • Institutionalize workflow automation.
  • Collaboration of various teams involved.
  • Time-critical decision making possible.
  • Integration to existing applications.
  • Integration to existing applications.
  • Auditing of approvals.
  • SOX compliance and Segregation of Duties.

Stakeholders in this business processes:

  • Field Sales : Manage pharmacies, distributors.
  • Marketing : Support field sales.
  • Supply Chain : Decision on ability to manufacture.
  • Pricing : Comparative pricing.
  • Contracts : Contracts management with customers.
  • Financial Operations: Monitor margins.

Benefits of the Implemenation:

  • Institutionalize Workflow Automation.
  • True Pricing and proper decision making.
  • Offline Analysis.
  • Alerting to other groups (Supply Chain, Marketing).
  • SOX Compliance.

Mortgage Lending Bank - Mexico

Project: Loan Origination and Financial Processes automation using BPM

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The customer is a leading provider of mortgage finance for mortgage housing finance in Mexico.

The customer has its major business processes on the IBM Lotus Notes platform, Microsoft .NET and other custom applications.

The customer is implementing a new ERP Banking platform for loans and collateral management.

The customer has to implement the business process workflows on the new BPM platform.

  • Our team has implemented the core banking processes on the BPM platform to enable loan origination processes.
  • Our team has provided the architecture, integration guidelines and development best practices for BPM based process implementation.
  • Integration with existing legacy applications and data repositories for re-use of existing assets.
  • Customer Benefits:

    • Rapid 12-week implementation of the first release of the loan origination process.
    • Accurate implementation of the loan origination process that matches their real life process, participation of external agencies and document hand-offs.
    • Significant cost savings due to offsite based implementation.

Pharmaceutical Major - USA

Project: SalesForce.com Integration with ERP

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The customer is a leading pharmaceutical company in eye care, neurosciences and dermatology. The customer is using SalesForce.com platform and the Force.com platform for certain HR applications.

  • Our team is integrating the Force.com platform with their ERP .
  • The HR application has been developed on the Force.com platform.
  • We have conducted the PI middleware based integration to fetch the data from ERP to the Force.com hosted HR application.
  • We are integrating the Force.com platform with SAP ECC using the SAP PI infrastructure.

Chemicals Major - USA

Project: Web based Customer Portal for Order Management, Catalog and Pricing with integration to ERP

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The customer is a leading distributor of printer supplies. The company's products include printer cartridges, inks, toners and related consumables.

  • Our team is implementing a PHP based Customer Order Portal.
  • The Portal allows their major business customers to be able to place orders, query order status, payments and other important actions.
  • Customer specific product catalog and pricing is being presented on the portal.
  • Customer specific product catalog and pricing is being presented on the portal.
  • Inventory availability is being integrated to the portal based on the stock position in the ERP.

Cement Major - Guatemala

Project: Master Data Management (Customer, Vendor, Material) Implementation using BPM

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The customer is a Cement Major in Guatemala. It is engaged in the production of cement, lime, ready mix concrete, dry premixed concrete and plaster.

The customer is running a standardized ERP for accounting, sales, order management, production and distribution.

  • The customer intends to streamline core processes through usage of BPM technology.
  • Our team is implementing an end-to-end solution for master data management for customer, materials and vendor creation.
  • The users include the sales associates on the field, regional managers, department users, back office users and third party contractors.
  • Business processes for master data creation/edit/deletion have been implemented on the BPM platform.
  • The application allows browser based access, mobility access and email interactions.

Construction and Building Products Company - Luxembourg

Project: SalesForce.com Integration with SAP ERP using webMethods

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The customer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of building products in Western Europe.

  • Our team integrated the customer's SAP ERP with SalesForce.com.
  • The customer master data and order information was integrated between SFDC and ERP.

Cement Major - Colombia / USA

Project: Material Master Data Management using Adobe Forms and Workflow automation

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The customer is a Cement Major in Colombia, with plants across USA, Mexico and Colombia.

  • Our team is providing consulting and solution architecture for usage of BPM and workflows.


  • Master data management is an important process that we are streamlining.
  • The existing process involves email and excel based communication for Material creation, modify, and deletion.
  • There is significant lead time involved in material creation (after duplication checks). The requester has to send email reminders to know the status.

Adobe Forms based process:

  • Our team has implemented Adobe forms based process for process automation of material management.
  • The user uses the Adobe form accessed through the intranet Sharepoint portal.
  • Create the request for material create, modify, extend or delete.
  • All requests are routed to the Material Master Manager.
  • The Material master manager can take action on each request.
  • The requester is notified by email when his request has been processed by the Material manager.

Benefits to the customer:

  • The new Adobe forms based process is much simpler to use for the end users.
  • The Form also captures data entry errors (such as duplicates, or invalid combinations).
  • The requester gets email notifications on the process status.
  • The Material manager can process the requests faster, and with fewer errors.

Food Distribution Company - Mexico City

Project: RedPrairie WMS management, Infrastructure Management (OS, DB, Virtualization)

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The customer is a midsize organization engaged in food distribution for fresh foods, dairy, packaged foods to retail businesses in Mexico.

The customer was looking for high quality Infrastructure support for managing and monitoring their IT infrastructure.

  • Our Infrastructure team is monitoring and managing all the servers, OS and DB to the latest patch levels and troubleshooting issues.
  • Our team is managing their enterprise systems (JDA RedPrairie WMS) for monitoring and daily backups.
  • Our team has configured the Amazon Cloud (AWS cloud services) for a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution. This has audited by their local auditing firm as well.


  • Instead of working with multiple vendors for Enterprise Systems / OS / Database / Storage, now they have a single operations team for all matters.

Cement Major - Guatemala / USA

Project: Meeting Management and Team Goal Setting Process Implementation

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The customer is a Cement Major in Guatemala. It is engaged in Production and marketing of cement, concrete, lime and other materials for construction industry with over 100 years of existence.

  • The customer has adopted the four disciplines of execution principles of Stephen Covey for their business process.
  • Our team has provided a solution by replicating their existing two tools into a single application where they can create a meeting, create groups, assign tasks to different group members and create goals for each team member.
  • Work compass to keep track on the commitments for each team member.
  • Upload/Download documents related to meeting from SharePoint portal.
  • Meeting Invitation is sent from portal to user's outlook or external email id, where it is saved in calendar and adds participants to the meeting from existing portal users as well as external users.

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I congratulate all of you for doing a great work and fighting all the challenges on this journey. Job well done!
Senior Business Director, Pharmaceutical Major, USA
We are very satisfied about the cooperation and looking forward to new developments.
Director, Consulting Major, Netherlands
I have recently talked to the folks in Purchasing, and they all said that IT support has really gotten better. Thank you very much for your hard work in improving this.
IT Director, Polyester Film Major, USA
The feedback I got from our customer was really good. They like the solution and can't wait to see the full functionality productive.
General Manager, Instrumentation Major, Germany
Your team has provided Allergan with expert guidance in establishing best practices for SOA and NetWeaver. We are establishing enterprise-wide architecture standards based on this work.
Senior Manager, Pharma Major, USA
I reviewed the new Adobe application with the Plant Purchasing Managers. Overall, the team was very excited about the new tool. We are testing this tool.
Manager, Cement Major, Colombia
We are excited to receive the same quality and prompt support from you and your team for this project as we have been receiving in the past. Please tell the developers: Thank you for all their efforts.
Executive Director, Pharma Major, USA
This gave us a solution for the co-product production that we did not have before. The Quality module setup is now complete. This process will affect several departments on the processing, production, routings, material master setups, inspection types, etc.
IT Manager, Polymers Major, USA

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